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↳ hannibal or game of thrones

While other places have ponies, or parrots, we have…dragons.


if you cant handle me at my worst then leave because i dont have a best im always awful


I’m not insane. I’m not who they say I am.


my favorite thing is when you’re petting a dog and you stop for a second and it bumps your hand with its nose like hey don’t stop now keep going

If I’m ever pregnant, when I’m just walking around I’m going to randomly stop and be like “sorry, pregnant pauses”

I can’t stop constantly narrating my own life. At that very moment, I feared I had divulged too much.


Uterus, I do not understand your need to have a baby. We cannot afford a baby. I do not want a baby. Hell you wouldn’t even be happy if we had a baby. I find these temper tantrums you throw every month we don’t have a baby absolutely unacceptable.

Excuse me, did we come to your planet and blow stuff up?

You all deserve each other.